Educator’s Preview of New Programs at the International Museum of Cultures

Invitation to Educator's Day at the Intenrational Museum of Cultures

On Saturday, the 21st of January, Educators will have the opportunity to preview the two new programs provided by the International Museum of Cultures.

These programs bring the Museum to your classroom and add a multicultural component to any curriculum.

Join us and see what we have to offer you and your students. If you are unable to attend, do not hesitate to contact us at 972-708-7406 to learn more about our Museum and our educational programs.

Educational Programs from the International Museum of Cultures

International Museum of Cultures walkway

International Museum of Cultures walkway

The International Museum of Cultures is a unique anthropology museum located in Dallas, TX.

All of our anthropology-based educational programs focus on teaching students to respect and understand other cultures. We have a variety of programs that can be easily integrated into your curriculum (science, social studies, fine arts, English language arts, and math)  and are fun and interactive for your students.

Electronic Field Trip

Our Electronic Field Trip takes the traditional field trip experience to another level! The Electronic Field Trip is entirely online and is designed as an interactive learning tool for your students. Several different activities ensure that your students will enjoy learning about others’ lives around the world without leaving the classroom.

It includes:

  •  a series of videos delivered over the Web that provide an entertaining tour of different sections of the museum. The tour focuses on the Peoples of Africa, South America, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico
  • curricula covering TEKS for K-12 science, social studies, English language arts, and math.

Discovery Boxes

Discovery Boxes allow your students to experience cultures around the world in a unique and interactive way. Discovery boxes come in 12 different themes and include a variety of objects from our museum’s collection. Your students will be able to touch and examine the objects while completing included activities and worksheets that encourage them think critically about the world around them.

Boxes include:

  • a teacher’s guide with detailed object descriptions
  • curricula covering TEKS for K-12 science, social studies, English language arts, fine arts, and math
  • eye-opening activities that guide your students through understanding the objects

Classroom Programs on Anthropology

Our docents will gladly come to your classroom to introduce your students to the cultures featured in our museum. Docents bring objects from our museum collection to your classroom to allow your students to touch and experience them firsthand. Guided activities provide a flexible and interactive experience for your students.

Museum Tour of Indigenous Cultures

If you prefer a traditional field trip for your students, the International Museum of Cultures is  here to make your experience worthwhile. Our tours are both educational and fun. They can include crafts, interactive activities, and more! We will work with you to tailor your tour to your needs.

Contact the museum

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you and your educational objectives. We will work together to meet your needs and the needs of your students.

Promotional Video of the Electronic Field Trip from the International Museum of Cultures

Electronic Field Trip of a Unique Anthropology Museum

Our new educational products are providing many opportunities for outreach.

The Electronic Field Trip, called IMC Rocks!, is our premier production, presenting a virtual tour accompanied with teacher’s guide and complete curriculum. The e-field trip is delivered over the Cloud from any Web-enabled device. The program meets or exceeds the TEKS in social studies, language arts, music and math. See our promotional video by clicking on the world below:

Electronic Field Trip video from the International Museum of Cultures

The International Discovery Boxes are also very popular. Check them out as well.

For more information Contact Us 

Electronic Field Trip to Africa, South America, Mexico and Papua New Guinea

Press Release: October 20, 2011



The International Museum of Cultures has tracked school group tours over the past three years at several museums and the statistics reveal a 15 to 20 percent drop due to transportation costs.

Educators say students stand to lose out on personal enrichment especially in the wake of deep public education funding cost by the past legislative session.

An alternative, a tour program has been researched and developed into a marketable product for schools and other groups to access.  A virtual tour via an Electronic Field Trip is now available for a fee-based access via the museum’s website.

Museum of International Cultures, Dallas, Texas

The tour may be scheduled by calling (972) 572-0462 for payment and access code.  TEKS were reviewed and the tour covers all areas and provides both a pre and post tour curriculum for downloading that is included in the tour costs.

The first tour covers Africa, South America, Mexico and Papua New Guinea in a 35 minute presentation.  It is divided into four segments should the educators wish focus on one country at a time.

A preview is available for educators who wish to visit the International Museum of Cultures and view the Electronic Field Trip, discuss the curriculum and dialogue with one of the museum’s experience Docents.


Mary Fae Kamm, Director

(972) 572-0462

The International Museum of Cultures


Electronic Field Trip on International Cultures

The Electronic Field Trip from the International Museum of Cultures in Dallas, Texas provides an educational outreach on the subject of indigenous people living in remote areas of our world. The technology-based program gives students an opportunity to tour the museum’s rich knowledge and artifacts on the many cultures of our planet, without ever leaving the classroom.

Included in the tour is valuable curriculum and enrichment material brought into the classroom via fee-based Web access. (Meets TEKS in related fields)

Contact us for details on availability, cost, and delivery methods.

Electronic Field Trip International Museum of Cultures

Electronic Field Trip - International Museum of Cultures

The Electronic Field Trip Includes a 45 minute tour that can be presented in sections.

  • Africa
  • South America
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Mexico

The production of the Electronic Field Trip is made possible through a grant from the Nissan Foundation. Established in 1992, the mission of the Nissan Foundation is to build community through valuing cultural diversity.  The Nissan Foundation is part of Nissan North America’s commitment to “enrich people’s lives” by helping to meet the needs of communities throughout the United States through philanthropic investments, corporate outreach sponsorships, in-kind donations and other charitable contributions.

The IMC has a 30 year history of disseminating knowledge concerning the rich cultural diversity and creativity of indigenous people. This Electronic Field Trip will make this knowledge available to the classroom for all children to enjoy.