Orville Rogers Run for the Hills

Trotter Capital Management has joined the International Museum of Cultures in presenting the 12th annual Orville Rogers RUN FOR THE HILLS, 5K Run/1.5 Mile Walk at Armstrong Park in Duncanville, TX. The event is named in honor of Dallas-native Orville Rogers, 96, who has set 11world records for running in his age category. Mr. Rogers considers his faith a leading reason why triumphs follow him inside and outside the running lanes. For Rogers, running on the track is easy compared to the obstacles he tackles off the track at 95-years-old. He does not confine himself to only seeking challenges on the ground, but he has claimed triumph in the sky as well: “I went skydiving after my 90th birthday. I wanted to go solo, but I think the instructor was afraid of my age, so I had to go dual.” Rogers said laughing. “I loved it. The sky is my friend, I love it up there. I can’t really describe the feeling. It was pure joy, going out of the airplane and looking at the ground coming up at you.”

Orville Rogers Mr_Orville_Rogers

Whether you are 2 years old or 93 years young, please feel encouraged to participate in the race. You can run or walk at your pace, or you can put together a team to tackle the 5k trek together. Everyone who participates on race day will receive an official event T-shirt!


Want to participate? There are two easy ways for you to register:


Option 1 –

Sign up for early registration online at http://internationalmuseumofcultures.org/orvillerogers2014/. Early Registration is open till October 30th. The cost for adults is $15 and for students, the cost is $10. If you would like to sign up as a team, it will cost $10. Teams with 5 or more participants must have the entire team registered by the October 30th deadline. Talk to your local youth groups or sports teams about joining in the fun. The bigger the group the more chances there are that they could win the cash reward for the team with the largest number of participants present at the race!


Option 2 –

Register on the day of the run. All you need to do is bring your running shoes and $20 if you are an adult or $15 if you are student to Armstrong Park that Saturday, November 8th. You can fill out the entry form before the race begins at 9am and pick up your T-shirt.


 Registration is FREE for all active-duty military members! 

The sponsors for the event are the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Kamm & Associates, Kevin Shelton, Gary Jones, Glenn Majors and Nogales Produce! Other supporters for the run include Jaynes Memorial Chapel, Big D Printers, D.A.R.S.E., ESA, AAUW, Jerry Frazier CPA, and the Duncanville Women’s Club. All proceeds from the event will benefit The Children’s Lab at the International Museum of Cultures. The Children’s Lab offers tutoring and globally-enriched activities for kids from local communities.



The Orville Rogers “Run for the Hills” Event is September 7, 2013

Trotter Capital Management



Join the International Museum of Cultures for its 11th annual Orville Rogers Run for the Hills 5K Run/ 1.5 Mile walk on September 7, 2013 at 9 a.m. This year’s RUN will be held at Armstrong Park in Duncanville, TX. Please let us know if you are interested in being a volunteer for this event by Contacting Us.

Orville Rogers Run for the Hills

5K Run/ 1.5 Mile walk

September 7, 2013

9 a.m.

Armstrong Park

Duncanville, TX


Adult (over 18) – $20
Child (18 and under) – $15

Our Sponsors

The Suburban

Kamm and Associates

JSD Shirts

Jaynes Memorial Chapel

Najork Foundation

Merrywood School

Courtesy Car Care of Duncanville


Some More Facts about the Orville Rogers “Run for the Hills” Event


Mr. Rogers is 94 years old and he will be leading the RUN. The family of his college roommate will be running in the race with us this year. We are more than fortunate to have an Olympic Gold Medalist as our Honorary Chairman. Thane Baker is a star among stars and we are glad he is spending the day with us.

International Museum Day

International Museum Day is being celebrated on the same day – on Saturday, May 19th. Come enjoy a free visit to the galleries at the International Museum of Cultures and enjoy the ethnic dance and music presentations on the stage beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Trotter Capital Management


Orville Rogers “Run for the Hills

5K Run/1.5 Mile Walk

Hosted by

The International Museum of Cultures

Saturday, May 19, 2012

8:00 a.m. Race Day Registration

on the campus of the International Linguistics Center

To register: IMC Run for the Hills Registration

Race Day: $20(adults) $15(students and teams of 5 or more)

All Military Personal receive free registration in recognition of Armed Forces Day

IMC presents the Orville Rogers “Run for the Hills” Charity Event

The International Museum of Cultures Presents

The Orville Rogers


5K Run / 1.5 Mile Walk

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Location: 7500 West Campus Wisdom Rd.

The Race is hosted by the International Museum of Cultures.

For more details and to register; 
download IMC Orville Rogers Head for the Hills Registration Form

Early Registration (through May 6):
  • Adult (over 18) $15.00
  • Student (under 18) $10.00
  • Team (five or more)* $10.00
Race Day Registration:
  • Adult (over 18) $20.00
  • Student (under 18) $15.00
  • Team (five or more)* $15.00
*The team with the largest contingent (5 or more to a team minimum) will receive a cash award!
T-Shirts and Prizes:
  • Registered participants receive an official event t-shirt.
  • Prizes are awarded in each age category.
  • The first 50 children (under age 10) registered for the run or walk receive a special bear as a free gift!