Egyptian Museum at Risk

As an International Museum of Cultures, we want to keep our subscribers informed on the support that International Museums in Egypt are experiencing during these difficult times. The Los Angeles Times recently reported that;

“Thieves were said to have penetrated the gated gallery containing the prized King Tutankhamen collection, one of the museum’s main attractions, but apparently broke only a single statue.

That breach, on Friday night, galvanized a contingent of impassioned defenders who have pledged to keep plunderers at bay. Some have been outside the museum since word of the first attack, determined to protect the country’s cultural patrimony.

“It’s the heart of our civilization,” said 32-year-old Ali Said, perspiring in the noonday heat as he stood guard outside the museum Tuesday, arms linked with those of men standing beside him. “And it’s not just for us; it belongs to the entire world.””

via Egypt antiquities looting: Amid Egypt protest, antiquities in danger –