Happy Earth Day!


Earth Day is a time to celebrate the gorgeous planet we inhabit as brother and sister human beings. The globe is colorful – green forests, mountainous grays, rainbow sunsets…but, what makes our planet the most colorful and beautiful are the individuals who make up the color-spectrum of humanity. We are each born into an unique and fascinating culture that provides an abundant surge of vibrancy to the international network of souls that gives the earth its heartbeat. At the museum, we celebrate international cultures daily, but today, we want to pay special attention to the wonder that is US: the world. This Earth Day, we not only encourage you to reconsider how you can be a better economic steward of the planet throughout the year, but also take time to consider how you can become a better humanitarian. The oceans, mountains, forests deserve our care, but more importantly, do the people around you deserve your care. Lend a hand today to your neighbor. Venture out and touch the life of another human being who adds his or her own culture to our collective heartbeat.

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