Featured Exhibits for November

This November, the International Museum of Cultures is featuring two unique exhibits.


In honor of Veterans Day, a specialized Vietnam War exhibit is on display for one more week. Not only can you tour a display of awards and metals given to Col. Herbert H. Kamm for outstanding service in the United States Air Force and his original party suit, but also images entitled “Where Giants Dwell” of the 4th Air Commando Squadron Flight C placed on display by the family of Major Burnet Neil. These two displays in particular are available for viewing including other memorable artifacts and military documents from local veterans of the Vietnam War. Outside the exhibit, a table supports a binder filled with essays written by students on the topic: “What Does Freedom Mean to You”. These essays were awarded at the Salute to Veterans event hosted by the museum on November 11th.


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November is also Native American Heritage Month. Throughout this month, the International Museum of Cultures celebrates the struggles, triumphs and culture of Native American Nations who occupied North America from New York to California. In particular, this exhibit highlights the cultural aspect of bison in relation to its impact on the livelihood of Native Americans throughout history. Plus, numerous displays feature Kachina Dancer Dolls, feathered headdresses, and Plains Indians’ war axes. Even beaded jewelry and a colorful peace pipe are available for viewing along side the portrait of Kiowa Chief Satanta. This exhibit is open until the end of the month.


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We highly encourage you to bring your friends, family and students to the museum to participate in the educational experience offered by these two distinct exhibits.

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