Sharon Tennison Presenting Her Views on Russia at the International Museum of Cultures

Sharon Tennison is a familiar person to the supporters of the International Museum of Cultures (IMS) and followers of this Blog. Ms.Tennison will be speaking at the IMC on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

Sharon Tennison on SochiMs. Tennison is founder and President of the Center for Citizen Initiatives (CCI) in San Francisco. Ms.Tennison has worked for 25 years in Russia and the CIS, creating numerous multi-year, multi-million dollar TA programs to provide training for Soviet and Russian citizens to gain independence and skills designed for self governance. She lives and travels extensively part of the year in Russia. Sharon Tennison’s book The Power of Impossible Ideas is available from

MS. Tennison has written her views about the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Upset with this apparent obsession to discredit Russia’s “day in the sun,” Ms. Tennison wrote the following at the start of the competitions: If your 12-year-old son or grandson came home from school saying that classmates were spreading misinformation about him, making fun of his family, ideas, interests, inclinations, or whatever could taunt …. what would you call it?  Bullying, I assume?  How would it make you feel?
Bullying, demeaning, rumor making, ridiculing, isolating, whether from children in schools, NFL football players on the field, or nations with whom we have to live on this small planet, the tactics are similar––and these behaviors are never appropriate.”

Ms. Tennison offers the question “Do you see ways we can promote more civility with Russia from the bottom up?
Or ways to encourage our mainstream media and public officials to display more civility between our countries?”

Ms Tennisson also adds: “Nothing in the above intends to present that Russia is a perfect country. It has poor people, disadvantaged people, people who are unhappy with their lots in life, with their government, in about the same ratio that we have here in the U.S.  They are still working through many more disadvantages as a society, than we. They got a very late start. Can you imagine what they have gone through since 1990 when they overthrew communism? They started from scratch or worse — having the burden of an old corrupt system buried in the minds of most of the people––and a country full of worn out housing, schools, hospitals, manufacturing equipment and an ineffective Soviet legal system. This was just a few years ago.  It’s a miracle they have done as well as they have. ”

Come to hear Ms. Sharon Tennison speak at the IMC on February 25, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.. Contact the International Museum of Cultures for more detail or call (972) 572-0462.

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