Primitive Weapons and Hunting Implements Exhibit at the IMC

Over forty examples of hunting implements are displayed from Papua New Guinea, Southeast Asia, numerous tribes located in areas of South America, and Africa. The wall display presents a variety of blow guns, bows and arrows and spears.

Primitive Weapons from the International Museum of Cultures

Everything in the IMC exhibit is identified as hunting equipment

Everything in the exhibit is identified as hunting equipment.  These indigenous people hunt birds, alligators, pigs, etc.  They may use a blow gun to stun the animal (if it’s large) and finish the kill with the spear.  African spears in this exhibit have metal tips.  The Vietnam cross bow and blow guns from Ecuador, Brazil, Columbia and Peru are similar in design, but destinctive in decoration.

The International Museum of Cultures exhibits include interactive videos from Africa, Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea, China, Mexico, South America and Native America, in addition to an extensive drum exhibit accompanied by video programming.

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