Anthroplogy Museum Supports Our Teachers Doing Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL,)  is a method of education that provides the student personal involvement in the learning process.

The student does not merely hear and read the information, but, actually takes part in the learning process with personal experience. The Student generally participates in PBL as a team member. The team can dynamically change the path of the process to obtain the expected result. Often, the expected result is beyond the original expectation because the students are free to spontaneously use their creativity. This freedom promotes the development of strategic problem solving that is greatly needed to perform well in this dynamic world.

Students at the Museum of Cultures Dallas Fort Worth Texas

The International Museum of Cultures has taken steps to assist our teachers by offering two educational tools below that fit well into the Project Based Learning model:

  • Discovery Boxes: Discovery boxes come in 12 different themes and include a variety of objects from our museum’s collection. Students will be able to touch and examine the objects while completing activities and worksheets that encourage them think critically about the world around them.
  • e-Field Trip: A Virtual Tour of the International Museum of Cultures that occurs without the need to travel to the museum. The videos come with related Curricula.

As Edutopia’s Page called “Project-Based Learning: A Short History” states: “…(John) Dewey challenged the traditional view of the student as a passive recipient of knowledge (and the teacher as the transmitter of a static body of facts). He argued instead for active experiences that prepare students for ongoing learning about a dynamic world. As Dewey pointed out, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

For more information about the Discovery Boxes and Virtual Museum Tour provided by the International Museum of Cultures, contact us at (972) 708-7406.

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