Corporations Support Arts and Culture

Many corporations match employees donations to non-profit organizations. The International Museum of Cultures is the recipient of dollars from several large corporations.

As a supporter of the International Museum of Cultures, please request matching funds from your corporation. Or, if you know of someone that is an employee of a large corporation, please ask them to consider supporting the efforts of the Museum.

Dallas Arts & Culture and related businesses generate $298 for every dollar the City spends on programming and facilities. Total economic impact of the arts and cultural entities in Dallas was $322 million in 2011. Surrounding communities enjoy residual benefits in relative amounts. Annually, arts and culture organizations provide learning opportunities for more than 579,000 school children in the North Texas area according to a study done by Deloitte in 2011.

Museum of International Cultures, Dallas, Texas

The International Museum of Cultures has over 30,000 visitors each year and the majority of this number are children on school tours. We provide the Travis Anthropology Summer Camp and Art Explosion, Electronic Field Trip, Discovery Boxes and more. Become a Member of the IMC. Contact us for more information at (972) 708-7406.

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