Museums Embrace a Greater Role in Education

Museums are providing more value to educational institutions.

In the past, the museum was considered a source of information. That is still true. But, that information is now being presented through methods that demonstrate how an individual’s personal life and culture are effected by this information.

International Museum of CulturesMuseum education has been going through a transformation. The modern museum has become more than just an informational source, but, has now become an environment for learning. This broader scope gives the museum a role in education that has a greater impact on our society.

Museums provide a place for the student to discover information. Learning through discovery drives creative thought and innovation. The modern museums that have embraced their expanded role in education have become more than a didactic source. We see examples of this at the MOMA LEARN initiative, for instance. MOMA provides resources for teachers to help integrate the teaching of Modern Art into their classrooms, creating group discussion and exploring individual interpretations.

At the core of the learning museum environment is the museum’s exhibits.

Electronic Field Trip of the IMCThrough technological advances, this environment can be transported to the student without having to leave their classroom. At the Museum of International Cultures (IMC), virtual field trips and curricula are provided to the learning institution to bring the museum’s anthropological value to the classroom, anywhere in the world. In addition, Discovery Boxes allow students to experience cultures around the world through a variety of objects from IMC’s collection. These programs integrate into science, social studies, fine arts, English language arts, and math.

Contact the IMC to discuss your educational objectives and how museum education can be integrated into your curriculum.

4 thoughts on “Museums Embrace a Greater Role in Education

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  3. … So Very Excited! to be part of this!! I can’t wait to use the boxes in my district and am so looking forward to sharing the Virtual Videos! Stoked to make this museum, its artifacts and its staff’s knowledge part of my classroom! Can’t wait!

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