Museum’s Role in Education

Museum’s have much to offer the educational process.

Museums stimulate creative thought by engaging the student in topics and perspectives that are unstructured and learned through discovery. The museum setting acts as fertile ground for the growth of strategic problem solving skills.International Museum of Cultures walkway

The International Museum of Cultures, for instance, explores the cultures and living habits of indigenous peoples around the world. Multiple methods are used to communicate the information to the student or class.

The museum’s gallery exhibits include interactive videos from Africa, Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea, China, Mexico, South America and Native America, in addition to an extensive drum exhibit accompanied by video programming.

The Museum is situated in a wooded, scenic area. Authentic homes are located on the museum grounds from the Lakota Sioux Native Americans and Papua New Guinea.

There are multiple anthropology-based educational programs available from the International Museum of Cultures that focus on teaching students to respect and understand other cultures. These programs can be easily integrated into curricula, such as science, social studies, fine arts, English language arts, and math.

The Electronic Field Trip takes the traditional field trip experience to another level! It is entirely online and is designed as an interactive learning tool for your students.

Discovery Boxes allow students to experience cultures around the world in a unique and interactive way. Discovery boxes come in 12 different themes and include a variety of objects from our museum’s collection.

The traditional field trip to the International Museum of Cultures can include crafts, interactive activities, and more!

Contact the museum

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you and your educational objectives. We will work together to meet your needs and the needs of your students.

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