Elementary Students Enjoy Visiting the Museum Without Leaving the School

A Cedar Hill Elementary school recently enjoyed a unique experience by visiting the International Museum of Cultures without leaving their school.Electronic Field Trip of the IMC

The Museum staff presented the “IMC Rocks!” video along with the enrichment components for the students.

The students were totally engaged in the Electronic Field Trip experience. This is consistent with the program results we have validating how schools are embracing this innovative and interactive learning method. This is especial critical in a time when funds are being reduced for educational field trips.

In this particular event, there were sixty-five 1st grade students in an auditorium. These students were shown the African and South American museum sections of the eField Trip. After the video was completed, the students were further engaged through the related curriculum for grades 1st through 3rd.

Electronic Field Trip

The Electronic Field Trip is entirely online and is designed as an interactive learning tool for students. Several different activities ensure that the students enjoy learning about others’ lives around the world without leaving the classroom.

The Virtual Field Trip includes:

  •  a series of videos delivered over the Web that provide an entertaining tour of different sections of the museum. The tour focuses on the Peoples of Africa, South America, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico
  • curricula covering TEKS for K-12 science, social studies, English language arts, and math.

Contact the International Museum of Cultures for more details, or call 972-708-7406.

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