Virtual Field Trips – A Response to Reduced School Budgets

Museums have so much to offer children. A museum will transport a child into a world of thought that stimulates their dreams and creativity.

Unfortunately, the budget cuts that schools are experiencing in almost every part of the United States are reducing the opportunities for children to visit a museum on a school field trip. One of the largely contributing factors is the cost of transportation.

As was recently reported in the Texas Tribune post on “Texas Museums Hit as Schools Take Fewer Field Trips” – State lawmakers last year cut $4 billion in general revenue from public education plus $1.4 billion in discretionary grants for programs like pre-kindergarten and remedial tutoring. The article goes on to say …districts may choose to follow the model of Cypress-Fairbanks, the third-most populous district in the state, which for years has not offered any field trips at all, instead relying on in-school presentations to keep expenses down.Electronic Field Trip of the IMC

The International Museum of Cultures (IMC) has tracked school group tours over the past three years at several museums. The IMC statistics reveal a 15 to 20 percent drop due to transportation costs.

A response to this growing challenge of reduced availability of funds for travel has become the Virtual Field Trip, also referred to as the Electronic Field Trip.

The IMC has responded to the budgetary challenges facing educators by developing an Electronic Field Trip. This eField Trip provides students the ability to experience diverse cultures without having to leave their classroom.

The first virtual tour of the museum covers Africa, South America, Mexico and Papua New Guinea in a 45 minute presentation.  It is divided into four segments should the educators wish to focus on one country at a time.

The Electronic Field Trip is now available for fee-based access via the Museum’s website. Call 972-708-7406 or Email us at for details.

5 thoughts on “Virtual Field Trips – A Response to Reduced School Budgets

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