Electronic Field Trip on International Cultures

The Electronic Field Trip from the International Museum of Cultures in Dallas, Texas provides an educational outreach on the subject of indigenous people living in remote areas of our world. The technology-based program gives students an opportunity to tour the museum’s rich knowledge and artifacts on the many cultures of our planet, without ever leaving the classroom.

Included in the tour is valuable curriculum and enrichment material brought into the classroom via fee-based Web access. (Meets TEKS in related fields)

Contact us for details on availability, cost, and delivery methods.

Electronic Field Trip International Museum of Cultures

Electronic Field Trip - International Museum of Cultures

The Electronic Field Trip Includes a 45 minute tour that can be presented in sections.

  • Africa
  • South America
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Mexico

The production of the Electronic Field Trip is made possible through a grant from the Nissan Foundation. Established in 1992, the mission of the Nissan Foundation is to build community through valuing cultural diversity.  The Nissan Foundation is part of Nissan North America’s commitment to “enrich people’s lives” by helping to meet the needs of communities throughout the United States through philanthropic investments, corporate outreach sponsorships, in-kind donations and other charitable contributions.

The IMC has a 30 year history of disseminating knowledge concerning the rich cultural diversity and creativity of indigenous people. This Electronic Field Trip will make this knowledge available to the classroom for all children to enjoy.

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