The Heart Of a Docent

One of the common definitions of the word Docent is a volunteer who leads tours in a museum. This common understanding does not, however, capture the heart of a Docent.

A Docent has a giving heart. A Docent is passionate about the value a museum provides to our culture. A Docent is one who loves to volunteer their time for the love of people and the opportunity to share knowledge.

We are looking for these types of people .

We are the International Museum of Cultures. We are a window into indigenous people of the world to create a greater appreciation for ethnic and cultural diversity, thereby furthering mutual respect and peace between peoples.

If you have a passion for passing on knowledge that furthers our understandings of diverse cultures, to the benefit of our own culture, please contact us.

If you are not sure being a Docent is best for you, but want to learn more about our Museum, again please contact us.

We look forward to speaking with you.

One thought on “The Heart Of a Docent

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