History of the International Museum of Cultures

International Museum of Cultures

International Museum of Cultures

International Museum of Cultures in Dallas Texas was developed by linguists and anthropologists associated with SIL International (Summer Institute of Linguistics). SIL is the largest non-governmental linguistics research organization in the world.

The museum exhibits are taken directly from the experience of traveling missionaries, and are rich in the detail and understanding that can only come from decades of personal experience of living in these remote communities and sharing and appreciating their cultures and friendships.

International Museum of Cultures is the only cultural institution of its kind in Texas. It is a unique museum focusing upon contemporary peoples and challenges of currently existing communities in remote locations of the world.

Through exhibits, educational programs, and public events, it celebrates peoples of diverse cultures in an effort to promote greater appreciation and understanding of cultural differences found both in isolated areas of the world and in our own community.

The Margaret and Trammell Crow Gallery currently houses exhibits of contemporary peoples from West Ghana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador and Peru, and an excellent gift shop. A major short-term exhibit is produced every year.

The Museum is in the process of developing an Electronic Field Trip for use by schools and other educational institutions. The production of the Electronic Field Trip is being made possible through a grant from the Nissan Foundation.

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