The Sights and Sounds of Southeast Asia


This exhibit focuses on the culture of twelve countries in Southeast Asia.  The traditional dress, dance, and music of the Union of Myanmar (formerly Burma), Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Muong, the Philippines and Vietnam are all featured on an interactive touch screen kiosk that is centrally located in the exhibit.  This entertaining addition to the presentation makes it possible for visitors to personally ‘experience’ the sights and sounds of these particular countries at the touch of a digital button.

Within the exhibit display, visitors will learn about Buddhism and Islam in Southeast Asia, territorial writing systems, the making of Kuy silk and Uma Barkcloth, the impact of rice and tropical fruit on the agriculture of the region, how the festival food known as Lamang is made, the look of traditional housing, as well as Southeast Asia fabrics and clothing.

Cultural background information about Thailand (formerly Siam), Laos, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, and East Timor are also included in the Southeast Asia exhibit.


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